Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Collages and the Process of Art: "I Just Want to Play" Plus More Photos & Updates

Eliza and I decided to try our hand at mixed media collages. We gleaned some inspiration from this book ...

... but we mostly just messed around and experimented. We decorated paper with watercolor and sponge brushes. We also experimented with painting with paint brushes, scouring pads, coins, putting paint in bubble soap and blowing bubbles on paper, and anything else we thought might be cool. Hands-down, the sponge brushes seemed to work the best, but the most fun part was experimenting.

I stayed focused on trying out different textures, while Eliza got excited about exploring various ways of mixing colors, creating her own shades. During the process, she seemed gleeful, more excited about an art project than she'd ever been. "I just want to play!" she exclaimed as she toyed with sponging, spattering, and splashing paint on paper. I can't think of a better way to experience art, can you? :-)

Some of our creations:

This strip was made with wet-on-wet watercoloring. Using a sponge brush, "paint" the whole piece of paper with plain water, then paint it with watercolor. It creates a soft look and blends colors in interesting ways.

Wet-on-wet watercolor. Before painting, a pattern was drawn on the paper using a white pastel crayon to create a different effect.

Painting with a scouring pad.

Paint smeared on thickly with the sponge brush.

 Painted on, using a sponge brush, using broad strokes

Paint dabbed on with a sponge brush.

Splatter painting. Eliza was a bit insulted when I compared her to Jackson Pollack -- she doesn't like his work much. :-)
Eliza's pastel crayon drawings.

Our Creations:

 (That's a clown fish hanging from the sky. In case you were wondering. :-))

In other homeschooly news:

River has been "obsessed" (her word) with the novel she's writing. When she reached the 100-page mark, according to tradition, she got a cake:

She also started writing a novel for her brother. She's started reading fiction again, including The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie and An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. She's been reading up a little bit on film directing and screenwriting, and she's starting reading screenplays. She's also working her way through Algebra I and doing some German with Rosetta Stone.

Seamus and I have been doing haphazard math. Here he is working through the Sieve of Eratosthenes.

It is suddenly so gloriously spring! Today's highlight: an Easter egg hunt.
The dogwood tree in the background was planted, in 1993, in memory of our first child, who was stillborn. He'd be 19 now.

 Eliza displaying her own style. Yes that's a Halloween bucket she's using to hunt Easter eggs.