Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Favorite Learning Resource of the Week

Favorite Resource This Week

This weekly feature is sponsored by the fabulous Susan of Learning All the Time. I am a fairly new reader of her blog, and I've been thoroughly enjoying it.

My favorite resource this week is something quite simple and absolutely FREE. My younger daughter and I have been doing some botany, learning about plants and how they are classified. We've been browsing this page on, which is a great online field guide. Eliza's had an insane love for all sorts of field guides from an early age -- I used to give them to her instead of picture books. :-)

It isn't the right time of year for hands-on nature study with outdoor flowers in our hemisphere. But we've had a great time exploring pictures of flowers indigenous to our state. Eliza has been choosing her favorites, which we're pinning. (How did I homeschool before Pinterest?)

Eliza enjoyed looking at photos of flowers in the families we'd already studied (e.g. the aster family, the pea family) and classifying them based on their appearance and physical features. We also discovered some new families.

Next week, we plan to use the pictures we saved to create our own "Wildflowers of Virginia" card game. And eventually we'd like to plant some of these flowers in our yard. I think it would be very cool to eventually create a certified nature habitat in our yard, with a variety of native plants. Have any of you done this?