Monday, September 20, 2010

Seamus's 12th Birthday and Other News

Between my insane schedule as Chief Chauffeur and Headmistress of the Monkey House and my awesome son's 12th birthday, I haven't been doing much reading or movie viewing.

Our schedule is rocking. I have two kids in soccer, with practices at different times, of course. River is auditing a film studies class at James Madison University. It sounds like the professor is wonderful, and the flow of discussion never stops. Facilitating discussions, rather than sticking with a lecture, is a sign of a gifted teacher, in my opinion. But of course, it involves a lot of commuting, and she doesn't drive yet. This is in addition to our usual stuff -- tutoring, music lessons, therapies ... well -- you get the picture.

Seamus's birthday party was terrific! He had all his best buds here, plus his Granddad and his girlfriend. I had fun too, especially since a few of MY friends were here, and I think my hearing may be permanently impaired. :-D My son is kind of like Tigger on crack, even on an ordinary day, his friends were also completely stoked, and Eliza was as excited as if it were HER birthday, Christmas, and Easter all rolled into one.